The definition of the term Widgets differs from person to person. Some treat widgets as a general term of a small gadget or device.

And some treat widgets as a little application that can be placed on widgets hosts like the home screen and the lock screen.

Widgets Definition in Computer

Widgets are an “At a glance” feature of an App that lets users use the Application through the home screen.

Widgets make App using easy and fast because it provides Apps shortcuts and that shortcuts are very customizable.

Users can easily customize the home screen of the device.

But overall widgets must preserve the importance and necessary data provided by an application.

The mic icon and bar of google, watch, and weather icon is the best example of a Widgets. Because this widget is mostly used in almost every device.

Widgets Definition in WordPress

Widgets are those tools or contents which are used in a website or blog to customize it in a better way. It’s actually a fancy term for naming this word.

Using these widgets one can easily add, arrange, and remove from the sidebar(s) and footer of your website or blog. 

Hope you are getting the real meaning for these Widgets now. So if really want to customize the content of your sidebar(s) and footer, then definitely you have to take the help of these widgets.

What is the Purpose of using Widgets?

The purpose of using widgets is simple and essential also. The main and very important purpose of widgets is to serve the easy accessibility of applications.

Widgets make using applications more easy and convenient.

With the help of widgets, one can easily perform multitasking. Although the data and functionalities get secured in the widgets. So one can use widgets for customizing their home screen.

What is so Great about Widgets?

Most people think about What is so great about widgets and what is the need for Widgets.

The answers to both questions are very simple because Widgets don’t do something big but it makes the device of the users more useful and productive.

With the help of widgets, one can easily complete their task. It not only helps in focusing on work but it also gives quick reminders also.

The Widgets of a To-do list App or calendars are used to get quick reminders of work and events.

Do Widgets Drain the Battery?

In most cases, widgets won’t drain the battery of the device. But if the Application drains the battery of a mobile and you use the widgets of that application then it can be said that the widgets will consume the battery of your device.

Do Widgets Make your Phone Slower?

No widgets don’t make the phone slower but it increases the productivity of the mobile because it offers easy accessibility to the devices.

People can customize the home screen and lock screen of their mobile as per their needs and wish.

If they use useful widgets on their home screen then it never makes their phone slower.

Can Widgets be Deleted?

As I said, widgets can be customized according to the wish of the user. That means widgets can easily be removed from the screens whenever the user wants to do that.

If anyone wants to delete the widget of a home screen then they have to press long on the home screen widgets to make widgets moveable.

After that, they will get a bin. When a user puts the widgets into a drain, the widgets will delete.