XML is the short form of extensible markup language. It is just like HTML but it has different features than HTML.

Extensible markup language or you can say XML is a markup language.

XML signifies a set of rules for encoding documents in a format that can be readable by both humans and computers.

XML language is used for sharing information in a consistent way.

The basic building block of an XML document is a tag.

What are the Main Features of XML?

The main and important features of XML are as follows :

  • XML is a flexible markup language.
  • XML allows Web designers to create their own tags.
  • It is a text-based data format that is very easy to read.
  • XML specifies a general format for describing data.
  • It is designed to be self-descriptive.
  • XML is mostly and widely used for representing arbitrary data structures.
  • XML supports the use of nested tags to represent hierarchical data.

What is the Difference Between HTML and XML?

Hense HTML and XML are both look similar and may have same features but still there are some difference which is discussed below –

HTML is designed to display data. XML is designed to describe data.

HTML focuses on how data looks whether XML focuses on how data looks.

HTML Is about displaying information whereas XML is about carrying information.

HTML does not need any extra piece of software to display data but XML just describes data that’s why it needs an extra piece of software to describe data.

These are the main points that make the difference between HTML and XML.

What is XML Used For?

XML is used for providing better results to web agents and robots in an automated web search or in other tasks.

XML gives standard methods to access information to their users.

It also makes it easier for applications and devices to transmit, store and display data.

Is XML a Programming Language?

No, extensible markup language (XML) is not a programming language.

But Yes! there are some programming languages that use XML syntax, notably XSL.

It is not a programming language but there are many things in XML.

Is XML Easy to Learn?

Yes, XML is very easy to learn and understand because it is conceptually simple. In XML people may get confused in using namespaces. That is a very important aspect of using XML in a proper way.

Can I Use XML Instead of HTML?

Yeah, you can use XML instead of HTML because XML separates data from HTML files. That’s why when the data changes, you don’t need to edit the HTML file.

In XML files data is stored in XML files. By using few codes of Java, one can Read XML files and can easily make changes in HTML Pages.

Is XML Better than HTML?

If you hold a deep comparison between XML and HTML then you will definitely get that XML is more convenient and easy to use as compared to HTML. XML is dynamic in nature and gives more value.